In bad times the way forward is reinvention

Welcome to our jungle.

We aim to inspire you to find the silver lining through music. To avoid becoming fugitives to the pandemic, we used our different backgrounds to launch a new concept composed of storytelling lyrics, funky beats and creative content combined in a fixed ratio to bring you the Kyakuwa experience. 

In less than a year, our top song has more than 140K streams. Moreover,"One Meter Fifty" has been selected by the jury as Social Causes Finalist at the International Songwriting Competition. Thank you so much for your support. 

Our team is composed of Isaac Bullock (main vox, songwriting, instrumentalist, brandmanagement), Marlice Baart (songwriting, backings, instrumentalist, content). DJ NLZ is our producer. 

The Team

Isaac Bullock
Marlice Baart

How did you find us?

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