In bad times the way forward is reinvention

Welcome to our jungle.

Welcome at Our Kyakuwa Music! With the pandemic forcing us all to adjust to a new way of life, we refused to become fugitives to these challenging times. Instead, we used our diverse backgrounds and talents to launch a new concept that combines storytelling lyrics, funky beats, and creative content to bring you the Kyakuwa experience.

And our efforts have paid off! In less than a year, our top song generated over 140K streams. And that's not all. Our song "One Meter Fifty" won World Social Causes 2020 at the International Songwriting Competition. We couldn't have done it without your support, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our talented team is composed of Isaac Bullock, who brings his musical genius to the forefront with his main vocals, songwriting, instrumental skills, and brand management expertise. Marlice Baart, with her incredible songwriting abilities, also contributes her talents as a backing vocalist, instrumentalist, and content creator. And let's not forget about our amazing producer, DJ NLZ, who puts the finishing touches on our work to make it shine.

At Kyakuwa Music, we aim to inspire you to find the silver lining through music. So, why not give us a listen? We promise to take you on a musical journey that you'll never forget


The Team

Isaac Bullock
Marlice Baart



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