In bad times the way forward is reinvention

The Why.

Before the Corona Crisis, we did around 50 shows a year in the Netherlands and abroad, collaborating with more than 800 musicians. We played at the biggest Festivals, congresses, radios, and TV. The sound of silence caught us all by surprise. To avoid becoming a fugitive to the pandemic, Isaac Bullock went back to the drafting table, summoned his Ugandan roots, found like minds in Marlice Baart(co-writer) & DJ NLZ(producer) and Kyakuwa Music surfaced. Because when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Kyakuwa is another name Isaac's mother gave him which means “a gift from God”.

With #kyakuwamusic, we hope to inspire colleagues in the entertainment industry to embrace and leverage the open online platform. Most of all, we'd like to inspire music lovers and people at large to find the silver lining through music.